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We’ve all heard stories about courage and bravery, and how one’s character defines who they are. We usually start hearing of these stories as tales when we are kids and continue to do so as we grow older. What starts as stories and folktales is replaced by true stories of great men and women, and then we start noticing things around us- of actions around us and anecdotes of those around us.

Barely a few weeks ago we were all absorbed in the Olympics. While some found it lackluster as an event, the spirit of the Games itself could hardly…

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I switched on my TV yesterday afternoon just as the javelin throw finals began at the Tokyo Olympics. Athletes were starting off with their first round of throws and I was just lucky enough to not miss any. The reason for the excitement, as for a lot of other Indians, was the 23 year old thrower from Panipat who had entered the finals as the Group A semifinals table leader. This shouldn’t have entirely been a surprise since he’s already had accolades to his name like being the World Junior U20 Champion, a gold medalist at the Asian Games and…

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Every time I log in to a platform with user generated content, be it videos, articles, podcasts or anything in between, I find myself almost immediately bombarded by a ton of cleverly-titled self-help material. I’m sure that’s the case for most of you as well just because it’s become a lot more ubiquitous than ever before- whether it’s a blogging platform you’re subscribed to, or Spotify podcasts or, of course, YouTube videos- it’s really everywhere, even social media. …

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To introduce myself on Medium, I am not a seasoned writer or a blogger, though I have been fond of it for as long as I can remember. I have given blogging a shot in the past but have simply lacked the sincerity to keep at it, just as we often do with things we term being just hobbies. Things have kept changing over this entire time (since my first attempt at blogging), and for the last few years I have found myself working as a product manager at a top tech firm (one of those that recently hit the…

Utsav Raghuvanshi

Here to share my thoughts, experiences and learnings. While they may or may not apply for everyone the same way, would love it if you give the writing a chance.

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